April 24, Zion Christian Church, Troy, MI

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Tuesday night: At 6 pm I spoke to the Onething Internship at IHOP for an hour. This is a group that is mostly around 18-21 years old. I spoke on how God is writing a story with our lives, and then closed with the baseball film. Afterwards, the kids lined up to greet me with a big hug, it was a sweet time of imparting and connecting with them. 

Saturday morning: This morning I have a direct flight to Detroit, preparing for tomorrow morning’s ministry at Zion Christian Church in Troy (greater Detroit area). I’ve been to Zion enough times that Zion feels like a family to me. The last time I was there, the pastor was in transition, preparing to leave. Since then, the brother who was the youth pastor has been installed as senior pastor, and this will be my first visit with Jared as the pastor. Jared was raised in the church, so he’s one of their own. A great young man. I look forward to this weekend of connecting with Jared and the Zion family.

Sunday 2:45 pm: Greetings from the Detroit airport. The Lord’s grace was real evident this morning. Strong grace on the ministry of the word, and strong response of the people. At the close, I asked the prayer teams to get anointing oil in their hands, and anoint the eyes of those who desire to come forward for that kind of ministry. We were asking the Lord to open the eyes of our understanding, to see what He sees in our circumstances. It seemed to me that the vast majority of folks came forward in both services to receive the anointing of oil. The Lord’s presence was strong and sweet.