May 21-22, Grace Covenant Church, Roanoke, VA

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Good morning I’ve been enjoying the time of year—which for me means yard work. What a great season! This morning I am flying to Roanoke, to be with my friend Jeff Ell at his church in Roanoke. This will be my fourth visit to this church, but it’s been almost six years since I was last there, so I expect to make some new friends. Tonight will be a “time of soaking” worship gathering, at which I will bring two 15-minute devotionals. Then I’ll do the two Sunday morning services. And then I’m staying over to do a Monday morning pastors gathering. I’m looking forward to this time with my friends. 

Saturday night: Tonight’s 2-hour worship service was very heartfelt, very easy to give our hearts to the Lord. I brought a couple devotionals and the Lord helped. A great night together. 

Sunday: This morning’s two services were excellent. They have a fabulous crop of young people leading the worship ministry here now, and they’re doing a tremendous job. The Lord blessed the ministry of the worship, and there was a meaningful response after both services. After the second service I joined Jeff and his kids for lunch. Then we took a nice afternoon hike through the woods. Now it’s evening, and I’m preparing for the pastors gathering in the morning.

Monday: Good afternoon from the Roanoke airport. We had a tiny group of pastors this morning, I think there were maybe 14 or 15 people all told, so the fellowship was sweet. After a time of intimate worship, I shared on the life of Jacob. The Lord graced the message in a strong way. Everyone seemed edified and glad they came. Including me. So I’m coming home with a grateful, happy heart.