May 27, 29, Int’l House Of Prayer Eastern Gate, Cranford NJ

Posted on May 31, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Friday: This morning I’m heading for Cranford, NJ, to the IHOP Eastern Gate. This house of prayer launched in 2010, and this will be my fourth visit with them. The leaders are valuable and special friends to me. Services are scheduled for tonight and Sunday morning. 

Sunday afternoon: Friday evening I spoke on the vision of Zech. 4. One reason that teaching gets a lot of buzz afterwards is because of the drawing of the vision. When you see something, it strengthens retention. That visual helps people absorb the message of the chapter. By the way, I hope to write about that one day, I’d appreciate your prayers over that idea. 

This morning’s service was fantastic. Awesome spirit in the house. The Lord graced me to speak, and the saints received with eagerness. Marvelous time.