June 2, Korean Passion For Jesus conference at IHOP-KC

Posted on June 06, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Thursday: This evening I am speaking at an IHOP event called Korean Passion For Jesus. So I’ll be working with an interpreter. I plan to speak on “God’s perspective on our circumstances.”

Thursday night: Tonight’s session at the Korean conference was graced of the Lord. There are 22 folks here from Japan who are visiting IHOP, most for the first time, and they are participating in this conference. They were recruited for this trip by a Korean pastor. So my Korean translator followed after each English sentence. At the same time, a Japanese translator spoke into a microphone that fed an in-ear system to the Japanese folks who listened on headsets. So two languages were being interpreted simultaneously after each English sentence. Interesting! There was a good spirit in the group, the Lord helped us. It’s so good to see Japanese and Koreans worshiping together, considering the unfortunate history between the two nations. You can see a 30-second clip of the worship service on my public profile FB page.