June 3-5, Ekklesia New York, Astoria, NY; ekklesianewyork.com

Posted on June 06, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Friday: Today I’m flying to NYC to have a weekend with a small Spanish-speaking congregation in Queens, called Ekklesia New York. This church is connected to a church in Miami called Ekklesia where I have ministered 3-4 times in past years. This will be my first time to be with this new congregation in NYC. I will work with an interpreter. Sessions are Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. The theme is on worship.

Friday 11:00 pm: We had difficulty during the sound check, and I was prepared for a tough night. But when I got up to speak, for some reason they had found a better setting for me, and the sound system worked good for me. So I was able to relax. I was leaning hard on the Lord Jesus during tonight’s message, and He helped us. I believe the message was edifying for those who gathered.

Saturday evening: This morning’s meeting went very well. The Lord helped me, and the church was edified. Afterwards, they took me to an Argentine restaurant, and none of us could handle the whole side of beef they served on our plates, ha. A fun meal. When you think NYC you think LARGE. But NYC has an amazing small town feel to it. Every neighborhood is chock full of little neighborhood shops that serve a niche of the neighborhood’s needs. You don’t see large stores like Walmart around, you see scores of tiny shops that line the streets. Many people don’t have a car, so NY has a way of providing what you need within walking distance. An amazing city!

Sunday 3:00 pm: Greetings from LaGuardia airport, which happens to be just 10 minutes from my host church. The service this morning was awesome, the Lord’s presence was strong, and the saints eagerly entered into what the Lord was doing. A great time! I am coming home with an overflowing heart of thanksgiving. 

Up next: I have another session on Tuesday with the Koreans who have gathered at IHOP for a couple weeks of encounter with the Lord. I’ve been asked to speak on the message of the book, IT’S NOT BUSINESS IT’S PERSONAL.