Aug. 9, Antioch Fellowship, Sedalia, MO

Posted on August 10, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Early tomorrow morning I will make my way, by car, to Sedalia, MO (a 90-minute drive) in order to minister in the Sunday morning service at Antioch Fellowship. It will be my first time with this church, and I’m looking forward to making this new connection. I had met the pastor some months ago at a pastors fellowship luncheon in the KC area. It will be great to be with them. Please agree with me for safe driving, and a powerful time together in the word and presence of Jesus.

Sunday 5:00 pm: I’m home now, after a blessed road trip and morning of ministry. I had a delightful time with the intimate family at Antioch Fellowship. They responded to the ministry so warmly. Afterwards, a dish to pass lunch was shared by a group called the Burning Bush Class. This is a 2-year class that has gone through the Secrets book together. They shared what the book had meant to them, and it was both humbling and heart-warming. A lunch I’ll never forget.