Oct. 2-3, Mujer Victoriosa, Elmhurst, IL

Posted on October 05, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Friday 6:30 p.m.: This afternoon I spoke on an eye covenant. It took nearly twice as long as usual to do it, because of the interpreter. The group tracked well with me, though. I am estimating 400 people were gathered, a good turnout. At the close, we provided opportunity for people to come forward and receive impartational prayer, and many came forward. The ministry was unrushed and precious. The worship team did a great job. Then they launched into some songs of rejoicing, and I left soon after that because of my need to prepare.


Saturday 12:45 pm: Greetings from O’Hare, where I’m checked in and waiting for my 1:40p departure to Atlanta. And then Orlando. I spent last evening in preparation for today’s session, and then was up early this morning, pressing into the Spirit. I felt I had liberty from the Lord to just get up and flow in the moment, without looking to a prepared script. I started with the groaning prayers of the Holy Spirit, Rom. 8:26. Then I showed the 5-minute film, God could have left Job alone. Then we did Isa. 49:20-23, which was our main text for the message. The loss of children, followed by the Lord’s redemption and the gathering of children. Then I used Naomi as an illustration, emphasizing the fact that the full redemption of her story was not realized until 100 years after she had died, and it became clear that she had given birth to the Davidic kingdom. She had lost her children, but now is surrounded by many children. The key verse was Isa. 49:23, “They shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.” Then I told the baseball story. The women thronged the altar afterwards, and the presence of the Lord was strong and real. The message was very non-typical for me, interweaving themes some of which I have not spoken of before. But I sensed the Lord’s grace. And realized I would never have scripted a message like that in my own thoughts. So the Lord could write it as I leaned on Him. It seemed to me that the Lord just wanted me to have a session in which I was off-balance the entire time. I trust His leadership.


Now I am en route to Orlando, to minister in the 2-year anniversary of a very young church called Restauración a las Naciones Church. I will minister with an interpreter. I am sure that when I am with them I will learn the nature of our connection, and how they felt inclined to invite me to their anniversary. I look forward to sharing with this new body of believers for the first time.