Nov. 18-20, Amigos Leadership Conference, Mexico City, Mexico;

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Wednesday: Good morning, praying friends! I’m in the plane, on my way to Mexico City (via Atlanta). This will be my second time to the Amigos Leadership Conference in Mexico City, hosted at a church called Conquistando Fronteras. (I was there 2 years ago.) This church is on the front lines of the work in Mexico, one of Mexico’s leading ministries. Approximately 1000 people typically attend this event. If you’re interested, the church site is Here’s my speaking schedule: Wednesday 7:40 p.m., Thursday 7:40 p.m., Friday 5:30 p.m., and Sunday morning two services. The conference convenes Wed to Fri, and then I’m staying over to do two of their three Sunday services (my Sunday departure leaves during the third service). 


Please come with me to CDMX (Ciudad Mexico). I invite you to join me in contending for a strong impartation of the Holy Spirit. Pastors and leaders will be gathering from all over Mexico. May the Lord give each one a word!


Wednesday 11:30 p.m.: Tonight’s session was graced of the Lord in a strong way. I’m not sure what everyone else experienced, but the Lord’s nearness was very sweet to me personally. A good launch.


Thursday 11:30 p.m.: Tonight I spoke on an eye covenant, and in all honesty was laboring hard to not get distracted with the clock. I kept trying to make the message as concise as possible, and sometimes when you trim off the fat you lose some of the elements that make the message more palatable. But the Lord helped, and I believe helped to overcome some of my own inner distractions. The service ended with virtually everyone coming forward for the laying on of hands ministry, to consecrate themselves in a fresh way to the Lord. The Lord was clearly present and at work. So my heart is grateful.


Saturday 9:00 a.m.: Good morning, it’s a lovely day here. In my session yesterday I spoke on Loyalty, and the response was very warm. Strong feedback. Masvida in Morelia (Andres Spyker’s ministry) is in process of translating the Loyalty book into Spanish, it should be published sometime in 2016. I was sorry it was not available yesterday, but at least I could announce its coming release. There seemed to be a general sense that this is a message for Mexico at this time.


I have today to myself at the hotel, and I have much to do. Including preparing for tomorrow’s sermon. I am speaking in the first two of their three Sunday services, 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. I cannot stay for the 1:00 p.m. service because of a 3:30 p.m. departure out of CDMX. Hopefully they can show the video of the message in the third service.