Dec. 20, Conquistando Church, Mexico City, Mexico

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Dear prayer team, I’m on my way to Ciudad Mexico (Mexico City), where I will be once again be with pastor Alejandro Escobedo and the saints at  Conquistando Church. (on the southeast side of the metro area) The meetings will be held at an arena because their local church facility can’t accommodate this event. Sunday will be an annual gathering for all the Conquistando churches, and I will be doing just one of the services on Sunday. I think they will be having a total of 3 different services tomorrow. Then on Monday thru Wednesday they are having a youth conference at the same venue, an event called EXJ Youth Explosion. This event will draw youth from a wide radius in Mexico. I am scheduled to speak once daily at this event on Monday and Tuesday, and then plan to return home on Wednesday. 

I have prepared three messages:

Sunday: God is writing a story with your life

Monday: Eye covenant

Tuesday: The Cross

Please agree with me in prayer for a strong anointing that moves God’s people forward in their inheritance

Saturday 6:00 p.m.: Greetings from Mexico City, where I am settled in my room. We dropped off my bags at my room, then my airport driver walked me 3-4 blocks down the street to a large market — because I wanted to get a couple papayas. I’ve never seen a market with so many flowers for sale. Turns out, it’s one of the largest flower markets in all of CDMX. Vendor after vendor, in this vast, unending market. The flowers were simply dazzling. We walked through the flowers section to get to the fresh fruit section. I got my papayas, and another fruit that I need to find the name for. To go to that market was to experience Mexico City in its most authentic sense. Just amazing. 

I have learned of some changes for this event. They were not able to secure the arena they wanted for this event, so they are punting. The Sunday services will be in their regular sanctuary, as regularly scheduled, and I will speak in the second and third services. Then the Youth Explosion will take place in some kind of a make-shift facility — it sounds like they’re erecting some kind of tent somewhere. I don’t know what to expect. Outdoor venues are very difficult for the sound team to capture my voice, so it remains to be seen exactly what is happening. Thanks for your prayers.

In the meantime, I’ve just slaughtered an entire papaya, singlehandedly.

Sunday 8:00 p.m.: I’m back from a wow dinner at an Argentine restaurant. In the USA, Brazil is more famous for its beef than Argentina, but in the latino world, Argentina wins all the accolades. Primarily because their beef is grass fed and just the most tender beef you might imagine. Now, while we were served in the cuisine and style of Argentina, the beef itself was not imported. So it was excellent, but not as excellent as the beef in Argentina itself. At least, that was the word according to the Argentine brother who sat at the table with us.

First service this morning was covered by pastor Vincent Fernandez of France. I covered second and third services. The title was, “God is writing a story with your life.” I ended with my baseball story. There were around 15 first-time decisions for Christ between the two services. They’re pulling in the nets here in Mexico, it’s just wonderful. Every time you cast the net you catch something. The saints here receive me so warmly, the affection in the body of Christ is just so amazing. 

I am speaking tomorrow (Monday) in the evening service. On an eye covenant. Some will have the heard message already, but I’m bringing it primarily for those who wouldn’t have heard it when I was here last month at the leadership conference.