April 1-2, Brighton Christian Church, Brighton, MI

Posted on April 03, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Today (Thursday) I’m flying to Kalamazoo, to have our first visit with Joel and his family after moving there this month. Marci is meeting up with me in Kalamazoo today as well. Looking forward to this! 

Then on Saturday I will leave Marci behind in Kalamazoo, and will travel by car to Brighton, MI. This will be my first visit to Brighton Christian Church. Saturday evening I will share for 15 minutes with the worship team at a fellowship dinner in a home, then Sunday morning I will share with the congregation. 

Sunday 5:30 pm: Greetings from Detroit airport. Had a great weekend with Brighton Christian Church. I was finally able to piece together my connection to this church. Pastor Jacob has been here 2.5 years, and prior to this, he was a youth pastor in a church in Mobile AL where I had ministered in 2011. He remembered that time, and wanted me to come to this church now that he is pastor here. Saturday evening’s gathering with the worship team was very sweet, they just hung out and enjoyed one another all evening. Then this morning’s service was graced of the Lord. I’m hoping that this will not be our last time together.