April 28-30, Santander, Spain

Posted on May 08, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: It’s 1:00 pm, and I’m listening to Penn Clark teach. I did the first session, and he’s doing the second. Last night I got bumped off my message during the worship service, and felt to speak on waiting on God. So the message was spontaneous I closed with the baseball story. It seemed to ministry in a strong way to the saints, and afterwards there was a protracted time of personal ministry to many. Very sweet. Then this morning, I spoke on the secret place. The room is packed, attendance is strong. And the Spirit is strong among us. 

I have now finished my teaching times in Spain, and have Sunday off—the pastor will speak. Then Monday morning early I will be flying to Siberia. The trip will actually take almost 24 hours. It’s a crazy itinerary: Santander to Madrid to Barcelona to Moscow to Nizhnevartovsk. I’ll have to check in twice because I’m using 2 entirely different airlines (the second time in Barcelona as I transfer to Aeroflot). After a long layover in Moscow I’ll arrive into Nishnevartovsk around 4 a.m. I was at New Life in Nishnevartovsk in 2000, I’m looking forward to returning after 17 years.

This trip came at the invitation of Sergey Shidlovskiy, who has invited me in the past to Almaty, Novosibirsk, and Vladivostok. Sergey’s events have a primary emphasis on prayer, especially calling the body of Christ to come together for corporate prayer. Here’s the schedule as I understanding it:

-Tuesday evening: I speak (it’s the tail end of the conference in Nishnevartovsk)

-Wednesday: I fly with the team to Tomsk, Siberia

-Thursday to Sunday: I minister with the team at the prayer conference in Tomsk

-Monday: return home