Dec. 9-11, Centro de Avivamiento Naucalpan, Naucalpan, Mexico

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Friday: Good morning, prayer team! Today I’m heading down to Mexico City, to be for the first time with a church called Centro de Avivamiento Naucalpan. Naucalpan is a city on the north side of the Mexico City metroplex. I’ve met the pastor at a couple events in the past, a great brother, and now am looking forward to being with their church. 

I’m scheduled to speak once daily while here: Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday morning. 

This church has taken their men’s ministry through a “covenant with my eyes seminar,” using my book (the Spanish translation), and this weekend I’m arriving just as the participants will be “graduating” from the seminar. So I plan to speak on an eye covenant Friday night. The men’s families will also be joining them, so it will be a general audience I think. Then Saturday I think will be on abiding in Christ. Then Sunday I think will be on Jesus the Author. 

Sunday 7:00 pm: Hi from the sky. I’m on the CDMX-Atlanta leg. I thought the weekend went very well. This church embraced the eye covenant message very enthusiastically, taking their men through a 10-week seminar on that topic. Friday night I spoke on that topic, and then after the prayer response time (which was wonderful), we gave out a framed certificate of completion to each man/teen in the seminar. I was shocked when two men came out carrying a table laden with plaques. It took around 25 minutes just to hand out the certificates to all the brothers (and of course many of them wanted photos). The pastor decided to include me in the ceremony, so he handed each one to me, and I handed each one to the individuals. What a delightful evening.

Saturday evening I spoke on abiding in Christ from John 15, and how the Lord uses the pruning process of John 15:2 to help us find the glory of John 15:7, the glory of answered prayer. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve spoken on that topic, so it was fresh for me in a sweet way. I enjoyed talking about how stress is necessary to the health of a plant. As one person said it, “you’ll never get a vintage wine from an unstressed vine.” I’m not sure how meaningful the message was to the group, but at least I was blessed, ha.

Sunday morning I spoke on how Jesus is writing a story with our lives, and ended with the baseball story. They have two Sunday morning services, but as a helpful favor to me, they combined into one 9:00 a.m. service just for today. Their facility is able to accommodate everyone easily in one meeting, so it worked out great. I realized they are not a clock-watching group, so I relaxed and enjoyed walking my way through the message without feeling rushed. Afterwards, they thronged the front of the sanctuary in responding to the Lord. These saints are incredibly responsive to God. After possibly the best tacos I’ve ever had, we were off to the airport.