Feb. 18-19, Faith Fellowship Church, Robertsdale, AL

Posted on February 20, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Friday: Good morning, prayer team! Today I’m flying to Pensacola, and then driving the 45 minutes to Robertsdale, AL. This will be my third time to be with my friends, Dave and Linda Kelso, and the family of believers at Faith Fellowship Church. Dave and I connected originally because he also suffered a severe voice loss. He has since recovered much of his vocal strength, but of course we continue to have that shared empathy in our journeys. It’s been nearly five years since I was with them, so this is feeling long overdue, smile.

Here’s the planned schedule: Saturday morning with the worship team; Saturday evening service; Sunday morning service.

Saturday midnight: We’ve had excellent meetings today, both this morning and evening. We had a good crowd for tonight’s Saturday meeting, an excellent spirit in the meeting, and everyone was very attentive to the word. Good ministry afterwards. And I’ve been having a great visit with my hosts, Dave and Linda Kelso. Dave even let me drive his Camaro to church tonight. It’s got 730 H.P., I’ve never driven such power in my life. Push the accelerator down, and in a couple seconds you go from 35 to 65 MPH. When you start it up, the thing snarls and growls at you. Rightly so, it’s mean. 

Sunday afternoon: I’m on my way home now, after a marvelous meeting this morning. The baseball film at the close especially moved everyone. Good time of prayer and response afterwards. I’m coming home with a grateful heart for the privilege of partnering with the leadership team at Faith Fellowship Church. Thanks to Dave and Linda for hosting me so warmly and fabulously.