Feb. 7 OneThing Internship, IHOPKC

Posted on February 13, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Tuesday evening: I’m just now back from speaking to the OneThing Internship at IHOPKC. I would guess 30-some kids, around ages 18-22, are in this internship. Then we were suddenly joined by a group of adults from the Immerse program at IHOPKC, so we had a nice breadth of ages in the room. I spoke for the first time ever on the topic of Identity. I have stared at the issue of Identity for years, and have lacked comprehensive clarity on the topic. But as I prepared this week, the Holy Spirit dropped some things into my understanding, and I found the strongest clarity on the subject that I’ve ever enjoyed. As it turned out, the impartation of the message was powerful. The group responded with enthusiasm, with some great feedback afterwards. One young lady said I really must write a book on this topic, smile.