July 9-10, Living Hope Family Church, Hyannis, MA

Posted on July 11, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Erik drove me to the local Brazilian church. I knew he was hoping for a joint service last night, but I didn’t realize that the venue of choice ended up being their building. And as it turned out, I spoke with a Portuguese interpreter. One reason for using an interpreter is because the Lord has given this church a disproportionate influence through it’s website. For example, the numbers indicated that 10,000 people watched the message last night — all of which would be Portuguese speaking people around the world. It’s amazing how many people catch the web-stream of this tiny Portuguese congregation tucked away on Cape Cod. They can’t account for it. A God thing. I spoke on the chastening of the Lord. One of the things that made the message special was that the interpreter got moved by the message. At one he stopped, choked up. At a couple other points, he got off on a shouting spree all his own. I said to the folks, “He’s preaching it the way I’m feeling it.” The topic of the chastening of the Lord is a very substantial, weighty topic, and every time I speak on it (which has not been often) I’m prepared to disregard people’s faces and just plow through. But for some reason, the congregation last night really connected with it. Much of that had to do with the season the Portuguese church has been in corporately, and specifically with their pastor. So the connection and appreciation was strong. 

Afterwards, the Eskelund’s home was invaded by young adults, and we all stood around the kitchen and devoured all the special treats that Erik and Tami had collected for us — cheeses, bread, crackers, fruit, sweets, just all kinds of fun stuff to nibble on. The kids had a blast. (I’m putting myself in that category, ha) Now, we are preparing for this morning’s service at Living Hope Family Church. Erik was able to pull some special strings, and we are going to be joined this morning by Colin & Sarah McNulty, who will be leading worship in this morning’s service. We’re all stoked! Sunday 4:00 pm: Greetings from Boston’s Logan airport, where I’m checked in and waiting. This morning’s service was delightful, followed by more delightful fellowship afterwards. Today I was with all my favorite people, “favorite overload.” I’m headed for home with a grateful heart.