Mar. 12, Trinity Assembly of God, Clay NY

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: This afternoon I am going to Syracuse, NY, where I am scheduled to minister Sunday in both morning and evening services. (So I won’t be returning home this weekend until Monday.) The church is called Trinity Assembly of God. In December, Pastor Tom went to the doctor with pain in his chest area, and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He passed away in February. So this church has suddenly had their pastor taken from them. This will be my first time at this church.

Sunday 2:30 pm: Excellent service this morning. Once again, the congregation responded so warmly to the baseball film. At the close, I called the entire congregation forward, we expressed a collective response to the Lord, and sang a song together. It seemed to be a meaningful time for this church family that is still in grief. 

I’ll be collected at 5:30 pm for tonight’s 6:00 pm meeting.

Sunday 10:00 pm: Tonight I felt inclined to speak on “Illegal Prayers,” for me if for no one else. I think it was for some more than others. Almost everyone came forward at the end, however, to express their response to the Lord. A sweet time of worship, word, and fellowship. This church is holding together very well in the journey of grief. I feel enriched to have such a sweet family of saints now a part of my heart and history in God.