May 31-June 1, Kharkov Christian Center, Kharkov, Ukraine

Posted on June 05, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Wednesday 11 pm: Greetings from Kharkov, where I am lodged in a very nice hotel. Their breakfast buffet is really exceptional for this side of the world. There’s lots of cottony parachutes flowing in the wind, it’s that time of spring. In Kansas City it’s the cottonwoods that do that, here I think it’s probably the willows, although they also may have poplars here. The soil in Ukraine is dark and looks very rich. Almost everyone has a garden, and fruit trees are cultivated widely in yards. 

This evening (Wednesday) I spoke to the folks in the worship teams of this church, I’m guessing around 80-90 folks were in the room. A great time together! Tomorrow evening I speak to the church in a special gathering (they normally have home groups during the week). This is my third time to minister at Christian Center here in Kharkov. I’ve been only in weekday contexts, and each time around 500 adults gather. They have a remote campus around 20 km away, and they’ll be watching by video, maybe around 200 folks, so it will be a nice sized crowd. I’m planning on speaking on the secret place. 

Friday: Had a great time last night in Kharkov. I spoke on the Secret Place, and as is typical for this church, almost everybody responds at the altar call. Everyone wants a fresh touch from God! The hunger here is refreshing. I’m leaving Kharkov with a grateful heart.