Nov. 10-11, Women at the Well, Hillcrest Church, Etowah TN

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Friday evening: Greetings from Etowah, TN. I’m settled into my lodging, and am probably sending this from a restaurant where I can get wifi — the wifi at my lodging is in the middle of nowhere and basically not working. Today’s trip here went well, and now I’m using the evening to prepare for tomorrow. I’m doing 2 sessions in the morning. The theme is, Take another look at the cross. I’m looking forward to magnifying the cross again. I still want some time to finetune my first session, so will likely do that now.

Here’s the schedule: Two Saturday morning sessions, then Sunday morning.

I’m with two ministries here that I was with back in March: Women at the Well (which disciples women breaking free from addictions and other tough circumstances), and Hillcrest Church. Women at the Well are hosting the Saturday meeting and lodging me; Hillcrest Church is hosting the Sunday meeting. March was my first time with them both, and I’m so pleased to return this quickly.  

Saturday 4:00 pm: I didn’t realize it, but they wanted me to speak last night. So when I showed up — late — to the “night of worship,” they were eagerly waiting for me! It was a moment to be “instant in season,” and I went for it. Spoke on being a friend of God. Then today (Saturday) I did two sessions — on the cross, and on loyalty. Very good time in the Lord’s presence. These are fabulous saints! I feel greatly honored that I can come and support what Women At The Well is doing to help women breaking free of addictions.