Nov. 13, Family Christian Center, New Rochelle, NY

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Sunday from the sky: I’m in the air, making my way home on a direct flight (smile) from LaGuardia to KC. This morning’s service in New Rochelle was delightful to my soul and blessed of the Lord. The congregation is almost totally black, with many of their people coming from the islands. The pastors are from Jamaica. They have a certain song that they always sing during the offering, and during that song the pastor and his wife got into a Jamaican dance, and I’m thinking, I need dance lessons! I wanted to join them, but wouldn’t even hazard an attempt. I spoke on the chastening of the Lord, and sensed the Lord’s presence strongly upon the ministry of the word. I didn’t bring enough books on that topic. For some reason I just don’t expect people to want a book on the chastening of the Lord. And usually they don’t. But once they hear the message, there’s immediate interest. I’m grateful to God for the week of ministry ending in a good time in the Holy Spirit. And thanks to Bob Lester and Joel Sadaphal, my hosts for the week, who took grand care of me.