Nov. 19-20, Foundation Stone Christian Center, Toledo, OH

Posted on November 21, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Good Saturday morning! This morning I’m off to Toledo OH, to Foundation Stone Christian Center. This will be either my third or fourth visit with them. Services are Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  

Saturday night: Tonight’s service was strongly graced of the Lord. At the close of the message, we all sat in silence for a few minutes to absorb what the Lord was saying. 

Sunday 3:00 pm: Greetings from Detroit airport. I told you that I was wrestling for clarity for the Sunday message. That wrestle continued. On Saturday, I began to wonder if perhaps I should look at the topic which I’ve been meditating on in recent times — the life of Joseph. So I started to collect my thoughts on Joseph in a serious way on Saturday. Got up this morning and continued my work. I continued to work on the message after arriving at the church, and actually stepped into the worship service a few minutes late because of that. And as it turned out, I went with the Joseph message. I have used Joseph many times as an element in a message, but never have I dedicated an entire message to his story. Actually, I didn’t tell his story. I just shared meditations on aspects of his story — and then sent everyone home with the homework of reading his story this afternoon, Gen. 37-48. I felt that the message was very scattered, and even began with an apology for the message being so scattered. Rather than having a focus, the message was a spray of around 50 different ideas. At the conclusion I felt like the message was mostly a flop, and then was surprised at how many folks came to the altar at the conclusion to express their response to the Lord. I did my best to follow the Holy Spirit, and now leave the rest with Him. Joseph is such a strong hero for me, and I hope I can continue to craft a message on his life that is more focused and helpful to God’s people.