Nov 30-Dec 2, MIT retreat, Jeoung Pyeoung, Korea

Posted on December 05, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Wednesday 8 a.m.: Greetings from a lovely city in Korea, I think it’s called Jeoung Pyeoung, it’s a couple hours from Seoul. We are lodged in a 5-star hotel, very nice. I’m just back from a morning workout in their well-equipped fitness center. I’m too much of a simpleton to know how to use all the stuff they have. They also have a pool with lanes designed for doing laps. Soon I’ll head down to breakfast. 

I got a decent rest last night, so feel ready to tackle the new time zone. Beds here are typically firmer than I’m used to. But I bet the mattresses last forever. 

My first session will be tonight (Wednesday). We’re 15 hours ahead of USA Central time, so when our 7:00 pm meeting starts here, it will be Wednesday 4:00 a.m. in Kansas City. I feel drawn to speak of the cross of Christ, and the loyalty it inspires. “Loyalty to the Cross”  Thursday I think I will speak on the chastening of the Lord, and then for Friday I’m leaning toward the Luke 18 parable on prayer, we’ll see if that sticks. 

Saturday will be a bus ride with my interpreter Paul to Asan, to prepare for Sunday morning ministry at a Baptist church in Asan. Then Sunday evening I catch a return flight for home. So there’s the general look of the week.

Thank you for agreeing with in prayer for a mighty impartation of the Holy Spirit this week. I am asking the Lord that those who come will be equipped, challenged, and renewed.

Wednesday afternoon: This part of Korea must be in an economic boom. Looking out my hotel window, I see six large buildings immediately within my view with scaffolding and work parties buzzing — large buildings with many floors all going up at the same time. 

Wednesday 11 pm: Tonight I spoke on “Loyalty to the Cross,” and while I didn’t have an awareness of how strong the anointing was on the message, I had an awareness that I was on the right topic. We ended with a time of Communion, and then a closing song during which we gave ourselves wholeheartedly in loyalty to Jesus. Sweet atmosphere. Of the leaders gathered, 7 are from Indonesia, and around 10-12 from Australia. The remainder are from Korea. 

Thursday 9:00 pm: The Lord helped me in this afternoon’s session. After the teaching, all the women were invited to come forward for prayer, and I blessed each one in prayer. The men were told I will bless them in prayer tomorrow. Afterwards, we were treated to a marvelous Chinese dinner. It was Chinese food, Korean style. Very nice.  

Friday 10 pm: This afternoon’s session was the final one of the conference. Most everybody stayed right to the end. Good energy in the conference. Good grace upon our closing session. At the end, we all prayed over the pastor and his wife. Then we prayed over the men in attendance. Everyone seemed to have a very good experience. This event was a first in a couple ways. It was the first time for this church to have guests from IHOP (three of us). And it was their first time to hold this conference. They hope it can be an annual event and grow in momentum. Afterwards, we were treated to an Italian restaurant. 

Saturday at 1:00 pm Paul (my translator) and I will be collected and driven to Asan, to prepare for Sunday morning ministry. I think it might be a 3-hour drive to Asan from here. We are right now at a location that is apparently in the heart of the nation. Asan is closer to Seoul. 

The church in Asan is called Yejoen Baptist Church. I am feeling inclined to speak on the Luke 18 parable on prayer. I would appreciate your prayers very much, for clear direction and a strong anointing. Service starts at 11 a.m. I think. Then I am catching a 2 pm train for the airport. For a 6 pm departure. Timing will be tight, to get to the train station for a 2 pm train.