Sept 17, Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven, CT

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: I’m leaving the house early, flying to Hartford, and then driving to West Haven for a return visit to Gateway Christian Fellowship. Gateway has become like family for me. I’m looking forward to sharing in the word again with them. Pastor Bane has asked that I speak on worship and missional faith — how worship empowers us to be missional in the world. So I’ve put together a message I’ve never preached before. It’ll be a bit rough, but it’ll be fresh, ha. 

Then I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a church in Berlin, CT. They heard that I’ll be in CT for the weekend, and they asked if I might be available to come do a Sunday night with them. It’s come together, and I’ll be doing Sunday night in Berlin at Wellspring Church. They are launching into a church-wide study of SECRETS OF THE SECRET PLACE, and it so happened that this Sunday night is their launch night. When they heard I was nearby, they wanted to see if I could personally launch their study. So we’re doing it!

Sunday 5:00 pm: Greetings from my place of lodging in Berlin, CT. This morning’s service at Gateway was marvelous, such a delightful and free-flowing move of the Spirit in worship, it was way refreshing. The Lord enabled me to speak on “The Way the Church Breathes,” dealing with loving God and then loving people. We gather to love God, then we disperse to love the world. This is how the church breathes, every week an inhaling of love so that we can exhale His love to the world. It’s so important that we breathe!