Sept 21, Habitation Conference, Orlando, FL

Posted on September 25, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Thursday 8:30 a.m.: Greetings from Orlando. I arrived here yesterday afternoon so that I could take in the opening session of the Habitation Conference last night. Our host is William McDowell (well known songwriter, including the song “I give myself away”), who is both a pastor here in Orlando and and traveling psalmist. This is my second time to this event, and it’s the only event I go to a day early in order to take in some of the conference. It’s just that good. There’s lots of time made available for swimming in the river of God. When they find a vein they explore it. The conference name Habitation expresses the vision well, they are pursuing the habitation of God together.

Last night a few different psalmists took a turn at leading worship, including Tasha Cobbs and Travis Greene and William McDowell. Bishop Tudor Bismark of Tanzania preached. It was a great start.

Now I’m in a van, heading for the 9:00 a.m. session. Then I’m slated to speak in the afternoon session. I had an event in Colombia scheduled before this invitation came to me, so the schedule demands that I leave directly from the platform at 4 pm to the hotel, grab a fast shower, and head straight to the airport. I then have a red-eye special to Bogota. 

Thursday 4:00 pm: I’ve just left the afternoon session, and the Lord graced me to speak on following the river of God in corporate worship. The Lord helped me, and I believe the impartation was meaningful. I believe the Lord strengthened the grace on many to find the river in worship, stay with the river, and go deeper. I am so grateful to the Lord for the humbling privilege of imparting to such an amazing gathering of eager saints. 

Now I’m making my way to Pereira, Colombia. A red-eye flight, following by a domestic flight inside Colombia to the city of Pereira. By the time I arrive it will be late morning of Friday. Then I will rest up and prepare for the weekend of ministry: Friday night, twice on Saturday, and Sunday morning. I’m speaking at an annual conference hosted by Amistad Cristiana.