Sept. 23, Deeper Fellowship Church, Orlando, FL

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Thursday: This afternoon I’m flying to Orlando, to prepare for a Friday morning session at a conference there called Habitation. The host is William McDowell, a fairly well-known songwriter and psalmist, who also pastors a church in Orlando. Habitation is an annual worship conference he hosts. As he has described the event to me, my excitement and anticipation has grown. They limit the event to 350 registrants, according to the seating capacity of their facility. I am expecting a room full of very eager worshipers. The message that has risen to the top of my heart, in prayer, is my message on Jacob. So that’s the direction I expect to take. I don’t know the exact time, but I’m speaking sometime Friday morning.

Friday 6:30 pm: I’ve been having a delightful day at Habitation Conference in Orlando today. This is very much a Presence-driven event, so much time is devoted to worship and to cultivating the presence of Jesus. The Lord enabled me to speak effectively on the life of Jacob, and the response of this eager crowd was very warm and heartfelt. I didn’t bring enough books—next time I’ll do better, smile. I feel like I’m with my people. I’ve had renewed fellowship with several friends (Jonathan Stockstill, David & Nicole Binion, Patrick Kitely, and others), and have been making new friends. I love the grace that’s on my host, William McDowell. I’ve been at the conference all day today and will be returning to take in tonight’s session as well.

And then in the morning I grab a flight for Hartford, CT (via Atlanta), and then by car to West Haven, CT. This is a return visit to Gateway Christian Fellowship (Lance Bane, pastor), and we’re having services Saturday night and Sunday morning. I’ve prepared my heart to speak on the Lord chastening Saturday night, and the power of perspective on Sunday.