Sept 30- Oct 1, New Life Church, Petersburg, MI

Posted on October 02, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Today I’m flying to Detroit, then making the short 45-minute drive to Petersburg, MI, which is not so far from Toledo. I think this is my third time at this church. It’s their church anniversary weekend, so we’re having a special service Saturday evening, and then also Sunday morning. The pastors are fabulous young people, the saints are amazing, I’m really looking forward to our renewed fellowship. Thanks for praying for a strong flow in the Holy Spirit!

Saturday night: This evening’s session was sweet and graced of the Lord. A call back to the secret place. So good.

Sunday night: Greetings from home. Had a good trip home, a direct flight from Detroit. This morning’s message was graced strongly of the Lord. It was very meaningful for me personally, as I was mostly just preaching to myself, smile. Not many people came forward at the conclusion in response, but no matter, I did!