//Cross of Christ Book Bundle//

//Cross of Christ Book Bundle//

Bob has written five books on the Cross of Christ, and in this book bundle we’re offering all five titles at a package price.

Here’s a synopsis of all five books: 

THE CROSS: NEVER TOO DEAD FOR RESURRECTION. This is Bob’s favorite of all his books. This book is a heartwarming and eye-opening exploration of the cross and resurrection of Jesus. You’ll see the cross like never before. 

IT’S NOT BUSINESS IT’S PERSONAL: Jesus didn’t come to Earth as an entrepreneur on a new business venture, but as a lovesick Bridegroom to win for Himself a Bride. That’s what the cross is all about. When it comes to the cross and to love, it’s personal.

THE CHASTENING OF THE LORD: Hebrews 12 places the cross and the chastening of the Lord all in one pot. This book is a vigorous exposition of Hebrews 12:1-13, and probably Bob’s most meaty book.

IT’S NOT A TOMB IT’S A WOMB: This book views the cross through Jesus’s childbirth metaphor of John 16:21. The cross was God in childbirth, and at the resurrection the baby was born! (our redemption) You may feel like your situation is killing you but it’s not a tomb, it’s a womb to birth God’s purposes through your life and family. 

SOMETIMES WE NEED TRIALS: This is Bob’s newest book, based on what Jesus said about His cross in Luke 24:46. He said His cross was NECESSARY. Just as His cross was necessary, so too our fiery trials are also sometimes necessary (1 Pet 1:6). This book will strengthen your faith and give you fresh perspective on your trial.

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