Exploring Worship Workbook & Discussion Guide

This Workbook and Discussion Guide accompanies the SECOND EDITION of Exploring Worship. The THIRD EDITION of Exploring Worship is updated in content but has no Workbook that goes with it.

We are still offering this Workbook for the SECOND EDITION, for the benefit of groups that want their group to do both the book and workbook together. For those who still want to use the SECOND EDITION of Exploring Worship because of the book/workbook combo, then we have good news for you: Both books are still available from us. And we’ve lowered the price, too.

Written in "short answer" and "fill-in-the-blank" style, the purpose of this Workbook is to help classes and worship teams absorb and work systematically through Exploring Worship Second Edition. The answers the Workbook solicits have been carefully chosen to reinforce the major ideas in each chapter, facilitating group discussion.

Pages: 40

Available eBook Formats:

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Type: Workbook

Vendor: Oasis House

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