Complete Secrets of the Secret Place Curriculum Bundle

When you purchase this Secrets of the Secret Place complete curriculum, you will receive five materials: the book Secrets of the Secret Place; the Secrets Companion Study Guide; the Secrets Leader’s Manual; a Journal and the Secrets of the Secret Place DVD Course.

The DVD course is a series of twelve 30-minute teachings designed to inspire and equip groups who are studying the book, Secrets of the Secret Place. The Leader’s Manual shows you how to administrate and lead the course. The Companion Study Guide will help groups that want to go even deeper.

This course has one central purpose: to fuel your passion to meet with Jesus in your secret place. This DVD series, when used in conjunction with Secrets of the Secret Place and the Leader’s Manual, comprises a unique curriculum to equip believers in the necessity and magnificence of a secret place relationship with Jesus. Ideal for small groups! The DVDs are inspirational to individual viewers as well.

(This series is also available in CD and MP3 formats.The Secrets book, Workbook, Leader’s Manual, Journal and DVD set are all available to purchase separately.) 

For those interested in taking this class through a college, the Secrets of the Secret Place Course by Bob Sorge is now available as an e-school course at IHOPU (the International House Of Prayer University in Kansas City). Individual Video Course;  Individual Audio Course

Watch a 5-minute video clip in which Bob introduces the course. IHOPU does not offer this course for groups, so if you want to take a group through the Secrets study we suggest you use the Secrets Curriculum as it’s offered at the top of this page.

Type: Bundle

Vendor: Oasis House


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