About Oasis House Ministries

Oasis House Ministries was birthed as a result of the first book God sovereignly provided for Bob Sorge to write, “Exploring Worship.” God turned a self-published book by a first-time author into an international classic. Since then, Bob has published more than twenty additional books under the Oasis House banner. Written with passionate conviction and heartfelt tenderness, each book represents a segment of his personal journey with God. This site provides information on Bob’s traveling ministry and is a fully secure way to order books, eBooks and DVDs. Be sure to see all our free downloads too.    

Bob Sorge

About Bob Sorge

A teacher and author, Bob Sorge has been walking in the crucible of a sustained fiery trial for over 20 years. Through the fire, God has burned into his soul a passionate message of God’s ways and how God walks us through the darkness to the highest heights of grace. Author of the widely acclaimed book, Exploring Worship, Bob has written several books that are the product of this intense personal trial, including In His Face: A prophetic call to renewed focus, The Fire of Delayed Answers, and Unrelenting Prayer. He has also written an interpretational commentary on the book of Job, entitled Pain, Perplexity, and Promotion. His most popular book, Secrets of the Secret Place, is igniting believers around the world for an intimate relationship with Christ, and has been improved in the new Legacy Edition. His newest releases include Illegal Prayers, A Covenant With My Eyes, and RESET: 20 ways to a consistent prayer life. After serving as a worship director and pastor, Bob is now traveling domestically and abroad to bring his message of hope to the body of Christ. Bob and his wife, Marci, live in Kansas City, Missouri with their three children and six grandchildren.