Arvin and Irma Sorge Memorials


My parents, Arvin & Irma Sorge, both passed in 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA. Both of them passed due to complications of old age. Mom (born in 1929) was nearly 91, and Dad (born in 1924) was 96 at his passing. Mom passed on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), 2020, early in the morning. Jesus couldn’t wait any longer to bring His valentine home!

My brother Sheldon and I had the privilege of staying watch at her bedside the evening before. Dad passed on October 16, 2020. I was able to see him eight days before his passing, and Sheldon was able to be present at his bedside on the day he passed. 

Mom wrote a book of their life stories, which is chock full of amazing miracles and fascinating stories. This book will strengthen your faith! You Can get a copy of her book, “Mountains, Mishaps, & Miracles”. here.  






Click here to view the honorary slide show from Mom’s life that Joel Sorge put together. 

Irma Sorge's Memorial Service


Click here to view my Dad’s YouTube Memorial Tribute.