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Free MP3′s

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  • Get Ready to Steward Your Miracle (MP3)
  • Four Ways To Apprehend Your Prophetic Destiny (MP3)
  • Bartimaeus, What Did You See(MP3)
  • Loyalty (MP3)
  • Faithful and Wise Stewards (MP3)
  • Marci Sorge's Testimony (MP3)
  • Illegal Prayers (MP3)
  • The Consecration of New Testament Levites (MP3)
  • The Grace of Fasting (MP3)
  • It’s Not Business, It’s Personal (MP3)
  • The Example of Job (MP3)
  • Burning Before the Throne (MP3)
  • Get Justice for Me From My Adversary (MP3)
  • The Reproach of Restriction (MP3)
  • Envy (MP3)
  • The Conflict of Faith (ZIP)
  • The Devil is a Piece of Wood (MP3)
  • If You Love Me So Much, Why Am I In So Much Pain (MP3)
  • Keep the Old Altar (MP3)
  • Stand (MP3)
  • The Power of a Righteous Life (MP3)
  • The Power of Promise (MP3)
  • The New Song (MP3)
  • Harnessing the Wind (MP3)
  • Taking the Stronghold of Zion (MP3)
  • Sprinkled By the Blood (MP3)
  • Its Easy to Assume (MP3)
  • Praise Is Awaiting You Oh God (MP3)
  • The Cross (MP3

In addition to listening to these audio message for free, you can watch all kinds of films for free at Bob’s YouTube Channel. To go there, click here.

Free Study Guides

  • A Covenant With My Eyes – Notes from FCF Service (Text Document)
  • Bob Sorge's Bible Reading Plan – (Text Document)
  • Dealing With the Rejection and Praise of Man – Study Guide (PDF)
  • Dealing With the Rejection and Praise of Man – Study Guide with answers (PDF)
  • Fire of Delayed Answers – Study Guide (Text Document)
  • Fire of Delayed Answers – Study Guide (PDF)
  • Secrets of the Secret Place Companion Study Guide (PDF)
  • Secrets of the Secret Place – Leader’s Manual (PDF) – The Secrets of the Secret Place Leader’s Manual shows anyone how to lead a small group study using the book Secrets of the Secret Place and the accompanying 12-part DVD teaching series by Bob Sorge. The Secrets of the Secret Place book, DVD series, Leader’s Manual, and Companion Study Guide comprise a unique curriculum for equipping believers in the magnificence of a secret place relationship with Jesus. Nothing could be more critical in this final hour than awakening the Bride of Christ to the necessity and glory of the secret place. This is an imperative study for your small group! You can download the entire 64-page Leader’s Manual right here, for free. And you’re encouraged to print it and make photocopies freely. However, since it’s costly to make a lot of photocopies, you may find it more economical and convenient to order the printed manual from us. Click here to mail order the Leader’s Manual.


Free Books in Other Languages

  • Secrets of the Secret Place-Chinese Translation (PDF)
  • Secrets of the Secret Place-Hausa Translation (PDF)