Bible Reading Plan

Bob Sorge’s Reading Plan

I want to tell you first about my Bible reading plan because it works so well for me. It doesn’t work for my wife, so I realize it’s not for everybody. So after I tell you about it, I’ll also mention other alternatives.

I target four places in Scripture to read each day: Psalms/Proverbs, Old Testament, Gospels, and Epistles. There are tremendous benefits to reading in different places at the same time, which I discuss in Chapter 20 of my book, Secrets of the Secret Place.

Next, I count the number of pages that my Bible has for each of these four sections. To calculate the Old Testament page number, I take the total pages in the Old Testament and then subtract the number of pages in Psalms and Proverbs combined.

Then I determine how much I want to read in each section, figure out the corresponding number of pages, and then read that number of pages daily.

If I want to read let’s say 50 pages a week, I divide that number by 6, not 7. That way I have leeway for one day a week in which reading may not happen.

That’s the concept. To be specific, let me explain my own personal regimen.

Psalms/Proverbs. I want to read through this portion of Scripture roughly once a year. I like to pray real slowly through these books. So my pace is very relaxed. Sometimes I’ll get through a Psalm in one day, and in some cases a Psalm will take me more than one day. I have no quotas to meet. The point isn’t to get through Psalms in a year, the point is to have a vibrant prayer life.

Old Testament. I aim to read through the entire Old Testament once a year. So I read the number of pages daily that will enable that goal.

Gospels. I like to read through the Gospels twice each year, so again, I read the number of pages daily that will enable that goal.

Epistles. Same here. I like to read through the Gospels twice each year. So I’ve figured out how many pages I must read in 6 days of the week in order to meet that reading goal.

I use book-markers or paper clips to mark my progress.

I love this reading plan. Maybe it’ll work for you. Alternatively, check out some of the links below. God bless you! –Bob

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  • See ReadingPlan by James H. Price in the iTunes Store. You can progress through the plan at your own rate.