Worship Curriculum Set

Worship Curriculum Set

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EXPLORING WORSHIP is one of the strongest and most comprehensive tools available today for equipping worship ministries. Its unique approach is to explore the devotional aspects of praise and worship, and then detail the practical aspects of leading worship. Used around the world in many languages, this book is a primer on worship for your entire worship ministry. 

Exploring Worship WORKBOOK & DISCUSSION GUIDE: With a fill-in-the-blank format, the highlights of each chapter are reinforced. The Workbook facilitates group discussion, strengthens content retention, monitors student participation, and promotes deeper engagement.

NEXT WAVE: Worship In A New Era  This book scrolls across the worship movement, looking at where we’ve come from and where we’re going.  Like surfers, worship ministries will learn to "read the ocean" of the Holy Spirit's movements in corporate worship. They will grow in skill to unlock the song of the people, and will learn to move seamlessly between songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. This book is a compass to direct your vision for worship in this momentous decade.  

FOLLOWING THE RIVER: A Vision for Corporate Worship will give your worship team and congregation a vibrant vision for corporate worship. Catch a vision for finding the river of God in worship, staying in it, and going deeper. When we follow the currents of the Holy Spirit, we encounter the lifegiving flow of “worship in Spirit and truth.”

EXPLORING WORSHIP DVD SEMINAR: This DVD set contains eleven 30-minute inspirational teachings on worship.

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