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This download features five creative short films based on sermons and stories from Bob Sorge, which were all created by his eldest son, Joel Sorge. They have become popular on social media, and have been viewed online by hundreds of thousands of people. After receiving numerous requests for these films to be made available for purchase in high definition, we are finally doing so. For only $7.99, you will receive these five short films in one easy digital download:

I Am With You

Two years after a debilitating vocal injury, I found myself in the darkest place of my life, groping for answers and reaching desperately to touch the hem of Jesus' garment. It was there, in my darkest hour, that the Lord gave me a sign of His nearness and favor that I will never forget.

Film by Joel Sorge
Music by JoJo Riddering

God Could Have Left Job Alone

A sister in the body of Christ once asked me, "Can you find a God of mercy in the book of Job?" This question is one we all have to face in life: In the midst of suffering and trials, is God still good? Is He merciful? Does He care?

Film by Joel Sorge
Music by Pas Neos

It's Not Business. It's Personal.

All too easily we handle our ministries like a business, measuring success by things like numbers, finances, profile, and "Likes." But to Jesus, ministry to His church is not business. It's personal. This short film is a gripping call to anyone involved in ministry or servant leadership in the church.

Film by Joel Sorge
Music by Bob Powers and JoJo Riddering


I call envy "the most common problem that nobody has" because, while we don't think we have a problem with it, we know lots of people who do. Dangerously, what most people don't realize is that it has the potential to single-handedly quench the flow of God's blessings in our lives and hinder the unity of the body of Christ.

Film by Joel Sorge
Music by Pas Neos

My God Withholds Nothing From Me

The cross of Christ is the center of our faith. As you watch or listen to this short sermon, revel in the glory and wisdom of the cross of Christ—and give your heart to Him all over again.

Video Graphics by Joel Sorge
Music by Derek Steele


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