The Fire of Delayed Answers (Russian translation)

This is the Russian translation of the book The Fire of Delayed Answers.

If you are waiting for your prayers to be answered, this book will rekindle your hope and feed your faith. Written from the crucible of the author’s own personal crisis of delayed answers, this book gives insight into God’s purposes for using the season of delay to produce Christlikeness and greater fruitfulness within us. This book helps clarify why the answers to our prayers may be delayed and gives practical advice for walking in faith and hope until God’s release comes. If we are to mature into greater dimensions of kingdom fullness, then we must commit ourselves to understanding how God uses delay to refine His chosen ones. The central principle of this book is: “Sometimes God Delays to our prayers in order to produce a greater maturity and fruitfulness in us.” (from the introduction) This is not a book of platitudes but of powerful insights that have come through the fire. May your heart be enlarged and your faith expanded as you consider the great blessings extended to those who wait on God alone.

Type: Book

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