Exploración de la Adoración (Spanish Translation)

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Bob’s book Exploring Worship was translated into Spanish many years ago, and has had a warm international reception. But now we have great news—the THIRD ENGLISH EDITION of Exploring Worship has been translated into Spanish and is now available!  

It's the same title— Exploración de la Adoración —but the content is updated and the cover is new. This new edition is stronger than ever and especially relevant for today’s changing worship landscape.   

Exploración de la Adoración is a 300-page textbook that gives worshipers a balanced theology of worship, and trains your worship team in the art of leading worship. This book covers all the bases, both devotional and practical. Equip your worship ministry from one of the most comprehensive tools available today for worship leaders,  musicians, songwriters, and singers.  

Used as a text internationally, Exploring Worship is a “must read” for worshipers. It lays a scriptural foundation for understanding what praise and worship really is, and then provides a practical framework for implementing praise and worship in the local church. This is one of the foremost worship texts used today by Bible Schools, Universities, and local church worship ministries. 

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If you enjoy this book, you’re also going to love Bob’s other book on worship, Sumergete en el rio de Dios. Check it out here: Rio Español

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