Fruitful Heart Seminar

Bob Sorge is willing to bring the Fruitful Heart Seminar to churches and conferences. The seminar goes verse-by-verse through the Parable of the Sower, and makes the parable relevant to everyone by showing how we can soften our hardened hearts, dig up our stones of compromise, and cut back the weeds that choke our fruitfulness.

Disciples will be inspired and equipped to become more fruitful to God. The brilliance and power of Christ’s parable will change lives forever! Opportunity will be given at each session for a prayer response. This Seminar is suitable for Believer Conferences as well as special groups such as Women Conferences or Men Conferences. You’ll want to invite all the churches of your region to this event.  

Suggested Seminar Schedule:

Part One: Friday evening, 75 minutes + response
Part Two: Saturday, 60 minutes + response

To invite Bob to your church or event, or to inquire into his availability, email Bob at