//Secrets of a Fruitful Heart (eBook)

The parable of the sower captures Jesus’ teaching ministry at its height. This is the Mt Everest of all the parables. Jesus painted a picture of a trampled heart, a shallow heart, and a neglected heart—associated with birds, stones, and weeds. With these three metaphors, Jesus addressed virtually every aspect of discipleship. When we soften our trampled hearts, remove our stones of compromise, and cut back the weeds that choke and distract, we become more fruitful to God. It’s all about increasing fruitfulness!

You won’t find a finer treatment of the parable of the sower. This is what you’ve been looking for—a tool to make disciples who are fruitful to God. 

This book comes with an accompanying Discipleship Manual, designed especially for small discipleship groups. Build your entire discipleship curriculum around this parable. 

192 pages      

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