Mar. 5-6, Grace Fellowship Church, Titusville PA

Posted on March 07, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Friday: This morning I am making my way to Pittsburgh (via Detroit). My brother will collect me at the airport, and we’ll have a birthday dinner at his place tonight for my Mom, who is 87 today. We’ll be pulling out all the stops, it’s a high celebration!

Then around 7 p.m. tonight, my parents and I will make the 2-hour drive straight north to Titusville, PA, arriving to our hotel in time to hit the pillows. Then we will go together to the seminar we’ll be doing at Grace Fellowship Church in Titusville. The seminar will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, I’ll do a morning session, then we’ll break for lunch, then I’ll do an early afternoon session. Then my parents and I will stay over for the Sunday morning service.

The pastor was a student at Elim Bible Institute in the mid-90s, and during that time attended our church in Canandaigua occasionally. He is licensed with Elim, so it will be great to connect with another fellow Elimite.

Saturday 10:00pm :We’ve been having a marvelous time today in Titusville. The morning session on Loyalty was strong. The afternoon session on the Cross was weaker, it seemed that folks were fighting sleepiness, which is common after lunch. We closed in Communion, and everyone seemed edified. Then my parents and I went to the pastor’s home this evening for fellowship and dessert. It ended up being story time with my parents. Once the stories started, they just kept flowing. Our hosts seemed blessed by and interested in the stories. In a context where I can’t talk, it’s been great to have them along to carry that part of the weekend. And our fellowship times have been way sweet. 

Sunday 6:00pm : Greetings from my parents’ place in Pittsburgh. We had a lovely drive back home this afternoon. My parents and I really enjoyed the spirit and atmosphere that is present among the saints at Grace Fellowship in Titusville. Heartfelt, simple worship. Authentic believers. Sincere fellowship. Eager receptivity to the word. I spoke on the power of perspective, and the Lord’s grace was manifest in the ministry of the word. We were all glad to be together in the Lord’s house.