Feb 25-26, River Valley Community Church, Boise, ID

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Hi from Salt Lake City. This morning I’m zipping over to Boise. I believe this will be my fourth visit to River Valley Church. I’ve struck a marvelous rapport with the pastoral leadership team, so I feel like I’m returning today to family. Just fabulous young men and women leading this work. The plan is for a Saturday evening and Sunday morning service.

Saturday afternoon: Greetings from beautiful Boise, where they have had copious amounts of snowfall this year. Today is cool but sunny and bright and gorgeous. My hotel has a lovely pool and whirlpool, and I had them all to myself this afternoon, smile. Leaving with my host in a few minutes for dinner and then the 6:30 pm meeting.

Sunday evening: I’m now at the Minneapolis airport, with a layover of almost 4 hours, I’ll get home late but am expectant to get home tonight, even if after midnight. The two services this weekend were graced strongly of the Lord. I struggled a bit with my voice, but the flow of the Spirit was sweet. Such warm responses. And fabulous people!