June 24-25, Penuel Church, Hatfield, AR

Posted on June 27, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Saturday morning: Today as the Lord helps me I’m flying to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and then driving by car for two hours to Hatfield, AR. This will be my first time at Penuel Church in Hatfield. I met the pastors last year at another church, and they asked me to be with them in Hatfield. Originally we were planning Saturday and Sunday ministry, but after we had set the weekend up, the host pastor learned that the city is having a city-wide fireworks night this Saturday. So we are having Sunday morning ministry only, and tonight I’ll be joining everyone for the fireworks show. Sounds fun! 

Please agree with me in the Spirit for a mighty impartation through the preached word this Sunday. 

p.s. In other news, we just received 3 sample copies of the French translation of Envy. Please bless this book in your prayers, may it be a blessing in France and throughout all of Africa. 

Sunday 8:00 pm: Greetings from Atlanta airport where I’m waiting for my flight to Moline, IL. I had a great time this morning with the Penuel family in Hatfield, AR! This jewel is tucked in a town of 400 people in the hills of Arkansas. Beautiful spirit of worship in the house, and much expectation for the word of God. They were riveted for an entire hour. Meaningful response afterwards. My heart is enlarged, this little family of faith is now in my heart forever. Thanks be to God! 

Now I’m flying to Moline, IL, to prepare for a Monday evening service at Calvary Church of the Quad Cities. The site for the event is deeperconf.com, it’s an annual event that Calvary hosts. David and Nicole Binion are also at this event, so I’m stoked to minister with them and to make new friends at Calvary — my first time at this church. The service will be Monday at 6:30 pm, and since this event is a worship event, I’m planning on speaking on following the river of the Spirit in worship.