Mar. 3-5, Faith Tabernacle Church, Lockport, NY

Posted on March 06, 2017 by Bob Sorge

Friday: This morning I am flying to Buffalo NY and then driving up to Lockport. This will be what is I think my fourth visit to Faith Tabernacle. This will be my first time at Faith, though, under their new pastor, Craig Campbell. I’m looking forward to being with Craig, and hoping to maybe see Wayne Dent as well, the former pastor who still lives in the area. 

Weekend schedule:

Friday night service to which other churches have been invited.

Saturday morning breakfast meeting for the church family only.

Sunday morning

Friday 1:30 pm: Already I have a story to tell. When I boarded the flight from KC to Detroit, I gave my jacket to the flight attendant. As we were landing she gave it back to me. I threw it on real fast as we were deplaning (everybody deplanes in a frenzy, as you know), and was down the concourse a consider piece when it occurred to me, these sleeves are long. It was the wrong jacket! Also a black leather jacket, but not mine. So I went to the Delta Club desk and presented my predicament to them. The gal looked at me like a deer in headlights. She didn’t seem to have a clue how to connect me with the other gentleman on the plane who now had my jacket. (He would be one of 12 passengers in the First Class cabin.) I left her to work on it. Then it occurred to me. The gentleman sitting next to me also was given a jacket, and he was large enough to fit the jacket I now had. So I went back and said to the agent, I wonder if the guy who was in seat 3B might have my jacket. Turns out, she had a way to look him up and send a text to him. And yes, he was the man! I don’t think he had awakened yet to the fact that he had the wrong jacket until he got her text. He’s at another place in the airport, and as I type this out to you, the agent is on her way to swap out our jackets. Big smile. Like I said, when it comes to travel, there’s ALWAYS something new to experience.

Saturday afternoon: So far we’ve had two excellent meetings. Those who have come have been eager and attentive, it’s a joy to minister to such excellent saints. They’re taking me out for pizza tonight (good NY pizza, can I hear an amen?), and then tomorrow morning is our concluding service.

Sunday 3:00 pm: Greetings from the Buffalo airport. We had a great time together this morning in the Lord’s house. Good spirit of worship, a healthy sense of family in the congregation, good anointing upon the word, good response at the altar afterwards. So I’m coming home with a heart full of thanksgiving. Craig and Jennie are doing a fabulous job of leading this congregation, they’re a young couple with much potential. Pray for them and for this church.