Nov. 6, Living Word Christian Fellowship, Ozone Park, NY

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Greetings from lovely Kansas City, where we are enjoying a delightfully warm fall. Yesterday I managed to do some yard work, it’s great to get outdoors this time of year. Today I have a direct flight to New York’s LaGuardia. I’m launching on an 8-day trip to NYC. My host is Bob Lester, who is the Elim Fellowship rep for the NYC region. He has put together an itinerary of ministry for me in NY, is providing my lodging, and will be my driver for the week. He has scheduled meetings for Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And some fellowship meals in between. So you’ll be getting a few emails from me, from NYC.

First up: Sunday morning at Living Word Christian Fellowship, in Ozone Park. (Queens) I met the pastor on a previous occasion at a retreat, and now this will be my first time to minister at his church. Not a large church, somewhere around 100 adults. NYC is dotted with hundreds of smaller sized churches, which is reflective of the neighborhood feel you find in every corner of NYC. People expect to find everything they need within walking distance of their house, smile, and they usually can. 

Sunday 6:30 p.m.: Today I was “in the trenches of NYC.” When you look out the pastor’s office window, you are looking out onto a street of houses. People walk from the neighborhood to get to church. This is where you see the church of Jesus Christ reaching people right where they live. I spoke on how God is writing a story with our lives, and then showed the baseball film. I believe the saints were edified, and I was honored to watch Him strengthen them for the journey. Afterwards, I enjoyed a delightful lunch with my hosts at a Mediterranean restaurant.

Wednesday morning I am speaking at a pastors network meeting in New Rochelle, NY.