Oct. 15-16, Christ Community Church, Greeley, CO

Posted on October 17, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Friday 7 pm: Greetings from Greeley, CO. I’m here for a weekend of ministry with Christ Community Church. I think this is my third time to be with them. The weekend theme is on “experiencing more of the Holy Spirit.” I’m teaching a workshop on secrets of the secret place, Saturday 9 am. Then speaking in their three weekend services: Saturday 5 pm, and two Sunday morning. 

This is an Evangelical Free church. They want more of the Holy Spirit, which is awesome. 

Saturday 4:00 pm: This morning’s workshop was marvelous. I’d guess around 150 adults came out for the 9 a.m. workshop, which I thought was a super turnout. And the Lord really gave me liberty in sharing. It was strong, edifying, challenging, and I hope inspiring. My goal is always to inspire people to devote themselves to the secret place.

Sunday afternoon: Greetings from Denver airport, where I am at my gate and just now learned there is a maintenance issue with my aircraft, so my trip home will be delayed some. But happily it’s a direct flight. Now an update on this weekend’s services. Saturday evening I was tense, for a few reasons — preaching a new message for the first time, not knowing how the message would fit with the clock restrictions, and then having considerable gear grinding with the media screen slides. I think I worked the bugs out in my own soul, though, because the flow was much easier on Sunday. Both services flowed easily, the congregation was very attentive, and the Spirit of God was clearly with us, helping us. The message was so very simple, it was almost profound, smile. It was on engaging the Holy Spirit with yes/no questions when wanting to hear from Him. The presence of the Lord was strong in the congregation during the worship time that followed the sermon, especially in first service. (Their service order is inverted from what is typical, they do the sermon early in the service, and then they have an extended time of worship after the sermon, a custom they’ve followed for years now with considerable effectiveness.) So I’m coming home with a heart of gratitude to Jesus, and a fresh longing in my heart for a stronger daily partnership with the Holy Spirit.