Secrets of a Fruitful Heart


Anticipated Release Date: April, 2024

Pre-Publication Price: $20 (free shipping)  

Bob is working hard to finish this book and accompanying Discipleship Manual on the Parable of the Sower. This book is an explorative treatment of the Parable of the Sower. Bob’s so jazzed about this parable, he can’t stop obsessing over it. In one profound parable, Jesus placed all the essential ingredients of discipleship.

If you’re looking for discipleship materials, Jesus’ parable is a one-stop destination for growing a fruitful heart. Leaders, build your entire discipleship curriculum around this parable.

Pre-order this book now and we’ll ship it to you immediately upon publication.

Bob recommends that you order the book and discipleship manual together as a set. It’s designed for small group study. For information on the set, go here.

For the Discipleship Manual only, go here.

Stay tuned to this page because we expect to release this book in all digital formats, including Audible and Kindle.

Type: Book

Vendor: Oasis House



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