//Secrets of a Fruitful Heart SET OF TWO BOOKS//

Revel in the Mount Everest of all the parables! The parable of the sower will play before you like an animated movie. You'll see places in your heart that have been trampled hard by people and beasts, and you'll soften your heart again so that every seed of God's word penetrates your heart. You'll see stones of compromise and sin that hinder your roots from going deep, and you'll dig up and remove those stones. You'll see weeds attempting to choke the growth of your heart, and you'll cut them back again so your heart is free and fruitful to God. 

Jesus is going to equip you with the tools you need to become a hundredfold fruitful disciple! 

Secrets of a Fruitful Heart - 192 pages 

Discipleship Manual - 120 pages    

The parable of the sower is brilliant--it's Jesus' template for making disciples. Bob wrote the BOOK and DISCIPLESHIP MANUAL with your small discipleship group in mind. When both books are used together, you have practical tools for making disciples Jesus' way. Build your entire discipleship curriculum around this parable! 

When we truly see this parable, everything in life becomes about being more fruitful to God. 

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Pastors, if you’re interested in inviting Bob to present this Fruitful Heart message at your church or event, send an email to  invitingbob@gmail.com 


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