Reset 20 Ways to a Consistent Prayer Life

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Reset: 20 Ways to a Consistent Prayer Life

We all want a vibrant, empowering connection with Jesus and this book will point the way.

Whether you’re launching or rebooting your secret place, lay down the essential building blocks that will give your prayer life longevity.

In RESET, take the 20/20 challenge—devote 20 minutes a day to prayer for 20 days.

Discover the delight of an abiding relationship with Jesus and launch a prayer habit that will continue to grow all your days.

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Here’s a personal greeting from Bob Sorge. Bob sometimes calls himself the speaker who can’t talk, because of a vocal injury that happened over 20 years ago. We hope you can understand his message.

Reset is perfect for any church-wide prayer emphasis. Oasis House is offering deep quantity discounts, to help. Consider using it for:

  • All-Church Prayer Initiatives
  • New Believer Classes
  • Small Group Studies
  • Youth Groups
  • Internships

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"I learned early in my walk with the Lord that our prayer life was the ultimate expression of a life yielded to Jesus. In fact, it was by reading the stories of the great prayer warriors in history that I became the most inspired to pray. As a result, prayer became for me the greatest thrill, but also my greatest frustration. I wish I had had this book back then. Finally, someone has written a book that maintains the power and importance of prayer while also making it practical for and doable by everyone. Embrace the challenge of Reset, and be forever changed."

Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

"This book will take you on a devotional experience led by the Teacher Himself, Holy Spirit. As you walk with Him through these pages, allow Him to take you into new places of intimacy and communion with your Father. It’s a journey worth taking."

Karen Wheaton, The RAMP, Hamilton, AL

"I’m thrilled at Reset. The world needs a mighty prayer revival to bring us through the dark times we face. Bob concisely teaches us how to establish a prayer habit. I’ve had one for 35 years, and this book is an amazing beginning to yours."

Larry Stockstill, Pastor Emeritus Bethany Church, Baton Rouge, LA

"Bob Sorge has spent his ministry life equipping believers for deeper intimacy with God. More than a prayer guide, this book is a peek into Bob’s personal journey of pursuing the Father. If you want a more consistent prayer life and don’t know where to start, this is the perfect book for you!"

Robert Morris, Founding Pastor, Gateway Church, Dallas, TX Bestselling author of The Blessed Life, The God I Never Knew, Truly Free, and Frequency

"What you read from our dear friend and brother, Bob Sorge, infuses you with life because he writes profoundly from the fires of suffering. Here you will excavate the foundations of prayer that will affect the history of both you and your world."

Lou Engle, President and Co-Founder of The Call

"I read this while I rocked my infant girl, and I found, within the pages, that prayer resets are available even for moms of six (like me). Though my life hasn’t gotten any less full in the last 20 days, my insides are alive in a new way because of the invitation of God within this book."

Sara Hagerty, author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet and Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed

"Everyone values the importance of prayer, and we all want to pray in a significant way. But for many of us the way seems confusing and intimidating. Bob simply makes the goal attainable. Want a fresh start? Do yourself a favor and read this gem!"​

Andres Spyker, Pastor, Mas Vida, Mexico

"I believe the greatest need in the body of Christ is for believers to develop consistent communion with the Holy Spirit. I encourage small groups to use this excellent tool to nurture believers in their communion with God."

Rod Aguillard, Senior Overseer, Network of Related Pastors (NRP)

"Decisions determine destiny. What a great decision—to launch a habit of daily prayer in twenty days. Really, you can do it. And your life will be so enriched. Start now and practice His Presence every day."

Robert Barriger, Senior Pastor, Camino de Vida, Lima, Peru



Testimonials from churches who have used RESET

"My heart thrills when I see the people of our church engaging in personal devotion for Jesus Christ, and our corporate journey through RESET has helped that happen. From Day 1 through Day 20, testimonies of breakthrough poured in. Our lives will never be the same."

Jack Hempfling, Sr Pastor at Living Waters Church, LeRoy, NY

"RESET easily and effectively mobilized our entire church into new levels of prayer. The content and approach helped people to not only start, but to finish strong. Many have thanked us for providing this resource with comments like, 'My prayer life is increasing.' We win!"

Dave Patterson, Lead Pastor at The Father’s House, Vacaville, CA

"RESET was a perfect way for our church to start the year! It was as if Bob Sorge was the tour guide for our church-wide season of prayer and fasting. The deep truths combined with simplicity of application found in this book were a perfect balance for our diverse faith community. This book is great for new believers as well as those who have been following Jesus for decades. I highly recommend it!"

Clint Sprague, Lead Pastor at LifeMission Church, Olathe, KS

"RESET provided our church family a common theme and language to start the year. As someone prayed for me, they felt my “reset button” was stuck and they asked God to unstick it. God used that prayer to give me language and understanding for what I was going through."

Bob Swank, Executive Pastor at LifeMission Church, Olathe, KS

"God used RESET to unite our church in a focused, intentional pursuit of Jesus. New believers learned the basics of life-giving prayer and mature believers were rekindled, refocused and reset to deeper intimacy with God."

Keith and Kellie Hodges, Pastors at Liberty Church, Arab, Alabama

"Our congregation experienced our prayer RESET together during the month of January. Doing it together strengthened the journey, and our prayer lives have taken a valuable step forward!"

Ron Ressler, Pastor at Living Hope Community Church, Lancaster, PA