April 5-6, Elim Christian Bookstore, Taipei, Taiwan; Tabernacle of David Prayer Room, www.hosanna-tod.com

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Bob Sorge

Tabernacle of David Prayer Room, hosanna-tod.com

Monday morning: I have a day off in lovely Singapore. This morning I enjoyed a morning swim at 6 a.m., and enjoyed watching the stars fade in the sky during the swim. The beach is within walking distance, and I may go for a beach stroll tonight after dusk. And I’m meeting up with a pastor and his wife for coffee at 3:00 p.m. Plus, I want to do some writing. So I have much to do on this day off, smile.

Tuesday 3:00 p.m.: I am now in my room in Taipei. I was first taken to see the Elim Bookstore. Then I was taken to the Tabernacle of David Prayer Room, which is located in the same block of buildings. We had a time of singing and prayer together, and the prayer room team gathered round and prayed for me. Some of my friends have been here before me: Gary Wiens, Stuart Greaves, Julie Meyer, the Mark Hendrickson family. Awesome! Then they took me to an organic store connected to this ministry, and I could pick out anything I wanted, wow. Already I’m being spoiled over the top. We’ll return to the same store for supper tonight, they also serve meals there.

The team has greeted me so very warmly. I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to finally get to Taiwan. Elim Publishers published Exploring Worship many years ago, and for years that was the only book of mine they had published. But in recent years they’ve picked up Secrets, Unrelenting Prayer, and now Covenant with my Eyes.

Tuesday 10:30 p.m.: I’m back in my room now after tonight’s meeting. The room was packed. It’s not a large room, but I think they crammed just about as many people into it as possible. Their singing in Chinese was especially moving for me. It transported me somewhere. I especially enjoyed the songs that were obviously written in Chinese. Songs written in the native tongue have a flow about them that is hard to replicate when translating songs from English. In terms of the preaching, I struggled a bit tonight. I appreciate your prayers.

Thursday morning: It’s a lovely morning in Taipei, a very nice time of year here. We’re in the same time zone as Singapore here, but the sun comes up much earlier in the day. Last night’s meeting here at Tabernacle of David Prayer Room in Taipei was blessed of the Lord. The Lord helped in the delivery of the message on an eye covenant, and afterwards there was much personal prayer for people. The oil of the Holy Spirit was flowing, it was beautiful. The crowd at this event was the largest they’ve ever had for an event at this venue, so my hosts were very encouraged. They sold a lot of books, which means the message will be spreading throughout the body of Christ. Thanks be to God! Since the Chinese translation of Eye Covenant was just printed, we prayed a corporate blessing over the book, that it would spread throughout the entire Chinese reading world. 

Go to my FB page to see a pic of the chicken foot I ate for supper.

I will be collected by my hosts at 11:00 a.m. today, they will take me on a little driving tour on our way to the airport, to see Taipei’s skyscraper. When built in 2004, it held the world record in 3 of the 4 categories in which the world’s tallest buildings are ranked. Today, all 4 categories are held by the Burg Khalifa, so Taipei’s 101 is now a dwarf, ha. I read the wikipedia summary on Taiwan’s political history and present relationship to China, and found it interesting, I recommend it to you. It’s amazing how such a nation can be “not a nation” because of political interests. 

Then my hosts will get me to the airport in time for my 2:25 pm departure for Singapore. I’m returning to Singapore for a weekend of ministry at Church Of Singapore. Today is a travel day, no ministry. Up first is a Friday night meeting, at which I am speaking on an eye covenant. COS is composed of nearly 50% Chinese speaking people, so while I am speaking in English Friday night in the main hall, a Chinese interpreter will be translating in a separate room for a room full of Chinese-speaking believers. Simul-translation. This entire trip to Singapore and Taiwan started to come together because of the initial invitation of Church of Singapore, so this church is my primary host for this trip. Ricky Sim is my main contact, a brother who leads the worship ministry at this church, and also travels to other nations (such as Myanmar) to equip churches in worship ministry.