Aug. 1-2, Mountain View Bible Fellowship, Estes Park, CO

Posted on August 03, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Friday: This evening I’m flying to Denver, and then going by car to Estes Park, to participate in a worship seminar on Saturday. This will be my first time to Mountain View Bible Fellowship. I have been with my host, Alan Denney, on a few occasions in the past, but this will be my first time to be with him since his affiliation with this church. Alan is now leading worship at this church, and has pulled together this conference with guests that include Jared Anderson (from New Life in CO Springs, a well known songwriter). I am scheduled to teach twice on Saturday at the seminar, and then in the Sunday morning service. I need to arrive tonight in order to be on site for Saturday morning.

Saturday 4:30 pm: We’ve had an excellent seminar today, now it’s over, and I’m back at the home where I’m lodged. A great time with Alan Kraft, Jared Anderson, and others.

Sunday 5:30 p.m.: Greetings from the Denver airport, where I am waiting for a flight that is now delayed an hour. This morning’s service was excellent. The Lord helped me, and the response from the congregation seemed quite warm, considering that I am a different package from what they are accustomed to.