Oct. 18, Joshua's Place Church, Jackson, GA

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Bob Sorge

Saturday: Today I fly to Atlanta, and then make the hour drive to Jackson, GA. This will be my second time to Joshua's Place Church. This weekend came together in an unconventional way. I was scheduled to be with a church in the metro Atlanta area, had bought the plane ticket, and then they cancelled the weekend. So I contacted my friends in Jackson, told them I had a paid ticket for this weekend, and they said, “Come!” So we’re doing it in a last minute arrangement. This will be Sunday morning ministry only.

 It’s on my heart to speak from the life of Jacob.

Thanks for leaning into the Spirit with me, and for helping in prayer!

Sunday afternoon: Greetings from the plane, I’m making my way home now from Atlanta after a marvelous morning in the Lord’s house. The Lord put a special grace on the message, both for me and for the congregation. Just wonderful. We’ve all been washed by the word today.

Next: Friday I go to JFK in NYC. Back to you then.